A word about knockoffs, copy products and fakes
As most who've studied penis enlargement online already know, there are a whole lot of different products out there. All make pretty big promises. But many are just trying to cash in on the latest breakthrough news by faking it.

A positive imitation is attested by the attestation

number in 10th place that exists in training CD.

There is a commodity attestation number in every ProExtender system training CD.
  The attestation seal is pasted to the cap of bar VIGRX and Semenax.
Japanese training CD "Japan attestation CD" is opened and there is an  attestation number in 10th place.
VIGRX and the Semenax attestation seal are opened and there is an attestation number in 10th place.
It enters the proextendersystem-japan attestation home of ProExtender System.
The attestation number in 10th place is input to an attestation empty column of
the above-mentioned authentication system.
that inputs the same four Cata confirmation figure as the right;
commodity attestation.. please"The attestation result of clicking can be obtained


The info@proextendersystem-japan.com report when it is not possible to attest it
    An official site is only here. 


Please note that it is an imitation the difference from the following "Japanese training attestation CD" and "VIGRX and Semenax attestation seal" in the copy product and the forgery.


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