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(It is 2000 Yen delivery expenses with EMS!) USD


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 Please pay attention to the false commodity. All Semenax ([shimanatsukusu]) .VigRX ([biguretsukusu]). Because the certification seal is stretched, opening, please be sure to certify the correct fake.

When delivering [debitsutokado] payment. Credit card. Cash exchange. Separate commission 2000 Yen

* When radio wave circumstance you cannot use the card badly, the payment with the cash.

(Address which in half angle includes @) you cannot use the portable mail
Postal code :
888-8888 (eg)
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(Ahead sending other than the home detailed other things) [please use line it changes suitably with Enter ]


When it cannot order cannot verify it is the number of hands, but the same contents as description above for the second time Please proextender_system@yahoo.co.jp order. It does not become duplication order is!
Note: In order not to be wrong in the data, please input just in detail!

(Only your US military base-related customer) to has accepted also order.

1:Payment methods
PAYPAL  https://www.paypal.com/

PAYPAL ID:( proextender_system@yahoo.co.jp )

The protection [ri] it does also the important privacy of everyone. As for this corporation as for private information of name and mail address etc of everyone we do not utilize in utilization sale with other object. When as for communicating to the customer from this corporation, information of the customer is not complete, verification is necessary only, is.

Packing method of commodity
With EMS we dispatch the commodity which order it receives with the simple package. In packing, the kind of word where the commodity is ascertained does not catch.


Dispatch (international EMS pursuit) of commodity
All orders process within 48 hours. Because dispatch has used international EMS, pursuit of location of the commodity is possible. With EMS air mail 57 days it is required to for commodity arrival. Is not the private document box and we recommend that it is registered with customer himself address. In the package, there is no explanation kind of writing where commodity contents are ascertained.


Business hour weekday AM9: 30AM12: 30, PM14: 30PM18: 00. Day, holiday suspension of business


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